Walmart Win Number – How do I find my Walmart Associate WIN Number

Walmart Win Number : The Walmart WIN number is your unique Walmart Employee Number.How do I find my Walmart Associate WIN Number ? in this article i will guide you How to get my WIN number for Walmart.

Walmart Win Number

What is Walmart Win Number and How to find Walmart Associate/Employee Number?

The Walmart WIN number is your exclusive Walmart Employee Number. It is a condensation of: “Walmart Identification Number”. It is not identical as your WalmartOne ID Username.

There are 5 Steps to discover your Walmart WIN Number:

  1. If you have listed for a WalmartOne account, log in and go to “View Your Schedule”. It is positioned at the end of your schedule. Look for this information:

                 First and Last name

                 Associate ID: #### – WIN: #########

  1. If you have downloaded the WalmartOne WM1 app, log in, click on “work” and “report an absence” and the WIN number will be registered.
  2. If you are at work, access the Walmart Wire and click on “online schedule”. Your WIN number is at the first of the page.
  3. Check for your paystub, online or paper pay stop. The WIN number will be shown on your paystub.
  4. Ask your manager or HR representative.

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