WalmartOne PayStub Online Portal And WalmartOne Employee Benefits

WalmartOne PayStub: WalmartOne is an online self-service tool designed for the Walmart Employees. Walmart as an organization has nearly 1.5 million employees. In order to make sure that their associates do not have any difficulty finding some regularly sought information such as paystub and benefits, the company created WalmartOne.

Employees can see a lot of information and do a lot of things using this service. In this article, we will focus primarily on WalmartOne paystub and benefits. Keep reading!

How To View WalmartOne Paystub On Online Portal?

You will first need to register with WalmartOne and create an account using Walmart Identification Number (WIN). If you haven’t done that already, CLICK HERE to read our detailed guide.

Once you have created the account, you can log in and vide the WalmartOne paystub online along with other relevant information.

You can log in to Walmartone on the web portal using your computer or WM1 app. After logging in, you will find the paystub option right on the home screen of the app or homepage of the Walmartone paystub portal. Here you can see your current as well as historical paystubs.

The website also lets you download your pay stub on the hard drive of your computer so that you can view it offline whenever you need to. You can also send your Walmartone paystub to your email address with just a click or two. In fact, if you like to receive the paystub every month automatically whenever it is generated, you can subscribe to it too.

You may also opt to receive the text message whenever there is new paystub. However, text messages may be charged by your mobile carrier.

Some of the payment related details you can view on your paystub are:

  • Net Pay
  • Gross Pay
  • Pay period start date
  • Pay period end date
  • Taxes
  • Pay date
  • Deductions if any

Know The Best WalmartOne Benefits: 

Walmart has made it easy for the employees to view their WalmartOne benefits online. You can use the WalmartOne portal or the WM1 app (for Android and iOS) for this purpose. As aforementioned, you must first sign up for the service using WIN and create login credentials.

A WalmartOne employee may be entitled to various benefits. All the benefits you are eligible for are listed in the benefits section. There are plenty of insurance benefits too that you can opt for. Various types of insurance plans are available including health, life, accident and more.

Besides the insurance benefits, you may also be entitled to leave benefits as well as certain bonuses. Everything is available online. All you need to do is locate the benefits section and view the details.


If you are a WalmartOne Employee, you must have already heard of the WalmartOne self-service portal. This is the place from where you can access your WalmartOne schedule, paystub, benefits, and various other details related to your employment with the company.

You would first need to sign up for an account using WIN. Once that’s done you will have access to all the details.

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